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We unify complex medical workflows and disparate data sets to provide next level insights that accelerate and advance healthcare outcomes.

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May 19, 2022 | Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare

Pioneering New CVIS Combines Unification of Reporting and Automated Update of Clinical Guidelines

A different kind of clinical workflow and informatics solution.

Through one, nimble solution, MediReport integrates disparate workflows while solving the unique data management challenges of today’s hospitals, ambulatory centers, and MSOs. ​
Here’s what sets MediReport 360™ apart.

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Real-time generation of multiple reports with one click.

MediReport is the only provider offering procedure + physician reports in one click at the point of care, allowing instant generation of cross-functional reports that can be seamlessly shared outside the cath lab.

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Structured cardiovascular data at the point of care.

MediReport 360™ fortifies data integrity, eliminates silos, enables meaningful analysis, and offers structured data that can be repurposed and leveraged for registries, research, analytics, real world studies, and more.

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Made for flexibility and efficiency.

Do more with less work through a faster, more adaptive and customizable workflow fed by continuously updated clinical guidelines—enabling quicker, higher quality reporting and built-in coding for accurate and rapid reimbursements.

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An experience as effortless as breathing.

Shaped by real feedback from practicing cardiologists and 25+ years of medical expertise, MediReport 360™ is seamless to implement, integrate, and use from anywhere at anytime through reliable remote accessibility.

Ready to see MediReport 360™ come to life?

Unifying Workflows + Data Through Enhanced Efficiency

Workflow that cultivates better insights // Insight that cultivates better workflows

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Solve your unique medical workflow and data challenges with MediReport.

Select your organization type and allow us to show you how our powerful clinical workflow automation and data management solution can help you embrace leaner workflows, harness real-world data, and put the full potential of these capabilities into practice. ​

Imagine what’s possible when your devices, data, and workflows all work together. 

The following are some of the benefits healthcare providers have realized using our medical workflow and data management solution:

  • Enhanced user experience
  • Saved time and improved productivity
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Realized reimbursable revenue
  • Ensured regulatory compliance

Leading hospitals and ambulatory centers choose MediReport for its rapid time to value.

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Years of clinical and IT expertise

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New CVIS Brings Unparalleled Benefits to Interventional Cardiology Practices

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Structured Reporting Systems Improve Patient Care and Data Management

See it all come together.

Bring the power of unified workflows and real-world data to your hospital, ASC / OBL, MSO, or other organization. Request your demo of MediReport 360™ today.


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