Inventory Management and Device Traceability

Streamline and simplify inventory management for any operating room in the care facility with full-circle traceability.

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Managing inventory inside the healthcare facility is no easy feat.

With hundreds of medical tools, supplies, and devices being used at any given time, healthcare teams require a solution that allows them to oversee inventory at a glance in real time and ensure proper allocation in order to maintain operational efficiency and maintain patient safety.

This flexible and robust cloud-based inventory solution automates stock management and device traceability across the cath lab—turning inventory management from a time consuming, manual act into an easy and effortless process.

What’s possible with the tracer module:

icon effectively trace

Effectively trace medical devices and manage inventory 

icon generate automated orders

Generate automated orders

icon efficiently address device recalls

Efficiently address device recalls and expiries

icon perform stock forecasting

Perform stock forecasting and demand planning

icon generate statistical reports

Generate statistical reports on consumption of supplies

icon optimize cost management

Optimize procedure cost management 

icon seamlessly interface 1

Seamlessly interface with other systems, plus flexible installation

See for Yourself

See the Inventory Management Module in Action

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Inventory Management

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