Structured reporting

Empowering clinical teams with seamless data integration and real-time reporting at the point of care.

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structured reporting

Cardiac and Vascular procedures occur in real-time—so reporting shouldn’t only take place in hindsight. With real-time, structured reporting, MediReport enables you to automatically generate any type of reports in one click at the point of care.

Go beyond the traditional hemodynamic system and create procedure and physician reports from one single system with no switching required. Clinical teams can embrace the efficiency of centralized reporting, resulting in time savings, fewer errors, reduced labor, and improved data integrity. At MediReport, we understand every organization is different, that’s why our report templates are fully customizable, tailored to your specific needs.
Get the reports you need, when you need them, with no turaround time.

Easy to use and intuitive, the MediReport 360™ reporting module reduces the clinical team’s workload by mitigating redundant data entry and reducing the number of clicks.

What’s possible with the reporting module:

icon access analytics dashboard

Describe the procedure in a structured data entry log event

icon structural

Describe patient anatomy, lesions and treatment in a dynamic drawing

icon automate maintenance

Vendor neutral, seamlessly interface with IT systems and modalities to capture data

icon intuitive user interface

Centralize key procedure information (Hemo measures, X-ray doses, PACS images, dynamic drawing, scoring…)

icon patient information

Automatically generate the nursing report

icon generate statistical reports

Generate the physician report before the patient leaves the lab

icon financial

Automatically select relevant CPT codes for billing support

icon clinical

Customize report templates to fit your specific needs

See for Yourself

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Reporting across any cardiovascular specialties


Coronary Angiogram and PCI Module

  • The coronary dynamic diagram allows direct addition of lesions, stents, thrombus, grafts or collaterals directly on the coronary tree diagram. It also automatically detects location as well as bifurcation or trifurcation. Dynamic coronary tree drawing based on CASS and BARI classification
  • Scoring Calculation: SYNTAX score, Euroscore, STS score, J-CTO…
  • Advanced lesion description: size, type, grade, flux TIMI, calcification, irregularity, eccentricity, tortuosity, dissection, fistula, dye stagnation, spasm and many others
  • Pressure wire, IVUS and OCT data findings
  • Import previous lesion and clinical data from previous procedures. No need to re-enter for every procedure
  • Guidelines and International Classification including ICD-11, EPCCC, SNOMED, CASS, MEDINA, ACC-AHA, Rentrop, TIMI flow…
  • Attending and referring management
  • Event log and importation from hemodynamic modalities
  • Interfaces with HIS, RIS, Images, X-rays, hemodynamic data
  • Device traceability using barcodes or RFID
  • Drug monitoring
  • Complications management
  • Billing procedures codes (CPT, OPS…)
  • Follow-up and registries management
  • NCDR, BCIS, AQUA, QERMID, GISE compliant (more than 20 registries supported)


Adult Cath, Structural Procedures and Shunt Closure Module

  • Multiple stage evaluation (pre, post, during…)
  • Systemic and pulmonic shunt calculation, resistances, valve evaluation…
  • PFO, ASD, VSD, PDA closure with graphic structural heart representation
  • TAVR, Mitral Clip, LAA occlusion procedure and dataset registries
  • Graphic presentation including pressure, oximetry, gradient evaluation


Peripheral Endovascular Module

  • Dynamic arteries and/or veins tree, graphical representation of collaterals and grafts
  • Limb, Renal, Carotid, Aortic endoprothesis implantation
  • Scoring of patient severity and risk analysis
  • Recanalization angioplasty technique with anterograde and retrograde re-entry procedure dataset description
  • Fistula angioplasty


Pacemaker, ICD, ILR Module

  • Interactive graphic user interface describing pacemaker: implantation, upgrade, explantation
  • Pacemaker data importation from programmer.
  • Report PDF importation from programmer.
  • Follow-up and patient visit management.
  • Remote follow-up interfaced to supplier website.

Simple and Complex Ablation Module

  • Simple and complex ablation description including vein de-connection for atrial fibrillation, VT-tachycardia scar description
  • Dynamic graphic representation of focal or re-entry circuit including ablation technique representation.
  • Continuum database from EPS evaluation to Ablation procedure
  • Map importation from DICOM images (CT) or non-DICOM images (3D mapping navigation)
  • Scoring and patient risk calculation (CHADSVASC2, VAST…)


Adult REST and Stress Echo module

  • ASE, BSE guidelines compliant
  • 16 or 17 LV segmentation, WMSI calculation
  • Automatic evaluation for LV mass, regurgitation, stenosis, LVEDP, systolic
  • Graphic mass findings representation
  • DICOM-SR measurement and image importation & diastolic function, dys-synchrony


Adult Cardiac Surgery Module

  • Diagnostic and lesion description imported from cath procedure
  • Dynamic drawing of graft and valve implantation
  • Material management
  • Operative, hand-over checklist using mobile devices
  • Extracorporeal circulation management
  • NCDR compliant


Pediatric Echo module

  • Structural anatomic drawing using our proprietary CardiacDraw engine, congenital cardiac anomalies automatically applied to the heart drawing (diagram) based on your selected diagnosis and findings
  • Automatic classification using the International Paediatric and Congenital Cardiac Code based on findings
  • For GUTCH, IPCCC codes are combined with International Classification of Diseases ICD-10
  • Z-score calculator from any of Cinciatti, Cornell, Harvard, Detroit, Halifax, South Hampton, Toronto and others. Dedicated Z-score algorithm integration
  • COM-SR measurements and key images importation

Pediatric Cath module

  • Diagnostic and structural anatomy copied form pediatric echo procedure.
  • Simple and complex congenital disease description
  • Dynamic drawing of described abnormalities including: valvuloplasty, shunt closure, stent implantation, coils
  • Automatic IPPC coding

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery module

  • Diagnostic and structural anatomy copy from pediatric echo or cath procedure
  • Simple and complex congenital disease description
  • Dynamic drawing of described abnormalities
  • Material management
  • Operative, hand-over checklist using mobile devices
  • Extracorporeal circulation management
  • Automatic IPPC coding


Coronary CT Module

  • Dynamic coronary tree drawing based on CASS and BARI classification
  • Calcium Scoring evaluation and patient risk assessment
  • Non-coronary description dataset
  • Export lesion description to coronary angiogram procedure

Stress Test Module

  • ECG stress test, SPECT, Pharmacological stress test
  • Steps by step description
  • HRmax and VO2max scoring
  • ECG image or pdf importation
  • 17 segmentation scoring ischemia
  • Late redistribution for viability evaluation
  • Bull-eye sagittal and planar representation
  • LVEF and RVEF evaluation

MediReport 360™ DICOM VIEWER

  • An integrated DICOM VIEWER offering the capability to review any study via MediReport 360™
  • DICOM interface to all PACS solutions
  • Each MediReport 360™ procedure is automatically displaying related study images from the PACS
  • Selected key images are exported and integrated in the report
  • Simplify data/image sharing in the hospital workflow

Administrative Services

  • Documentation
  • Rules and rights management
  • Backup
  • Audit trail
  • Events reporting
  • Update and version management
  • Catalog Material definition update

Supported Languages

  • French
  • English (US, UK)
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • German (Swiss, Austrian, German)
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Flemish
  • Russian
  • Serbian
  • Croatian
  • Hungarian
  • Swedish
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese
icon financial
  • Accuracy and time saving: Reduce manual errors, increase consistency in coding regardless of the procedures and operators and minimize coding complexities, ensuring that all aspects of a procedure are accurately captured.
  • Efficiency: Accelerate and streamline the coding process with automated selection of relevant CPT codes, automated transfer to billing system, resulting in rapid reimbursements.
  • Compliance: Ensure compliance with latest billing regulations, reducing the risk of denied or delayed claims.

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