Data Analytics and Business Intelligence 

Transform data into actionable insights with a data analytics and BI module that enables full visibility over operations and monitors clinical, operational, and financial performance.

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Healthcare providers have access to a wealth of data but sometimes struggle to efficiently collect, organize, analyze and interpret it, as it tends to be non-standardized and scattered across disparate systems.

Accessing the right insights when you need them is essential in order to derive meaningful value from your data and optimize your day-to-day processes. MediReport’s analytics module is an advanced yet easy-to-use data dashboard that offers strategic business intelligence to detect inefficiencies, identify best practices to implement on a larger scale, improve quality outcomes, optimize clinical efficiency, maximize resource management, and enhance operational, administrative, and financial performance.

The solution is beneficial at the department and hospital level and for any healthcare stakeholder, with customizable indicators per profile. Gain a 360° view over your operations and turn your data into actionable information to support evidence-based decision making in your organization.

What’s possible with the Data Analytics and BI module:

icon define indicators

Define indicators with customizable analytics. 

icon track activity

Track activity, performance and costs in real time.

icon benchmark performance 1

Benchmark performance over time & against facilities

icon access cost analysis 1

Access a cost analysis tool

icon set objectives

Set pre-defined objectives to reach

icon identify best practices

Identify best practices  

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Access analytics dashboard remotely—any device at any time

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MediReport Key Performance Indicator Examples

icon clinical


Volume of CTO, ratio of radial approach for PCI, % of success rate, number of LAAO compared to last year,  % of minor and major adverse events, average dosimetry, number of shunt closure compared to last year, % of diabetics, % of renal failure, volume of pacemaker implanted per manufacturer, screening, average length of stay in ICC, and more

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Volume per procedure type per period (day/week/month/year), average procedure duration, average waiting time, outpatient volume, average length of stay, turnover time, number of supply in consignment, number of implanted devices in stock, volume of lost material, % of emergency procedures, % of in-hospital mortality, % of re-admission, and more

icon financial


Cost per procedure, per doctor, cost of material, hospitalization, staff, equipment, modality amortization, average PCI cost, average TAVI cost, cost of patient monitoring, cost of clinical research, and more

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Data Analytics

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