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Unleash the power of cloud technology: data security and accessibility combined.

Many healthcare providers continue to rely on archaic systems with dated technology, which leads to a greater risk of data breaches, system vulnerabilities, and service interruptions.

Conscious of the growing need for continuous accessibility, interoperability, data security, and scalability, MediReport 360™ encapsulates cloud technology and the microservice architecture to bring the latest and safest technology to cath labs. These combined technologies enable healthcare providers to access patient information, test results, and reports in real time, leading to improved team collaboration and increased efficiency at the point of care.

The added value of cloud technology:

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Improved scalability and cost-effectiveness.

Cloud-based infrastructures allow for seamless scalability, enabling expansion or the reduction of operations without significant hardware investments. 

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Ensured data security.

Cloud-based solutions employ advanced encryption and security protocols, reliably ensuring that patient information remains safe and secure.

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Enhanced accessibility and flexibility.

Healthcare teams can access data and reports remotely on any device with an internet connection, reducing the need for physical storage and bridging information gaps.

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Automated maintenance and backups.

Access the latest features and safety measures in real time, without service disruptions, gaining peace of mind and removing the risk of data loss and errors from manual backups.

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Bridging the gap between systems and clinical teams: MediReport powers interoperability at the point of care 

In the cath lab, time is of the essence and getting the right data where you need it when you need it can be challenging when systems are siloed and information is scattered across workflows. 

MediReport 360™ efficiently addresses the requirements of real time accessibility of structured and accurate data by seamlessly integrating with existing information systems, modalities, and devices using robust interfaces. By streamlining the real-time exchange of information between systems, MediReport 360™ reduces redundant manual data entry, lowers the risk of errors, eliminates duplication, and ensures that healthcare providers have access to the most up-to-date information. This clean structured data can then be mined to derive actionable insights. 

Our solutions: 

  • Support industry-standard data formats and protocols including FHIR, DICOM, and HL7 
  • Ensure compliance with HIPAA and GDPR 
  • Support proprietary standards for electrophysiology and smoothly interface with the HIS, EMRs, Hemodynamic systems, X-ray machines, PACS, and more 
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Unlocking agility with the microservice architecture: where scalability and service autonomy meet 

In the healthcare landscape where IT complexities are growing and budgets are limited, investing in the right technology from the start is paramount to guaranteeing service efficiency and seamless interoperability.  

MediReport 360™ is designed around a microservice architecture which translates as a collection of smaller, independent, loosely coupled services, for maximum performance and effectiveness. 

The added value of the microservice architecture: 

  • Leverage service autonomy. Failure in one microservice does not affect the entire system, leading to more resilience and improved data availability. 
  • Facilitate maintenance and upgrades. Changes can be made to individual microservices without impacting the system, thus reducing downtime and enabling faster updates and enhancements. 
  • Rely on scalability. Resources can be easily added or removed based on demand, ensuring optimal performance even during peak usage. 

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